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August 8, 2016

Professional Liposuction Gave Me Confidence

In business as in life, confidence is something all successful business owners poses. This is a story of a close friend of mine and how she overcome here fears, gained confidence and took her business and life to new levels. Yes, health is an important part of business too!

Confident Women Make Better Business Women

Believe it or not fat is good! There is actually a procedure that can provide two awesome results – getting rid of fat from problem areas while firming and plumping the areas that may be sagging and that leave you looking older than you really are. Fat transfer or professional liposuction is a safe and simple procedure that removes fat from areas of your body that have excess fat, like the stomach or thighs. The fat is then injected into the areas that have lost volume and led to you looking older than what you are, such as the buttocks, hands, and face.

Joanne’s Story

In her youth, Joanne had spent many hours in the gym working out, eating healthy, and generally taking care of her body. She had just six percent body fat and ample lean muscle. As Joanne hit her 30’s, life got busy. She had three children within five years, a busy corporate job, demanding husband, and hectic social life. She no longer had time for the gym and meals were either quick, easy, and microwaveable, or spent eating out and drinking with her friends. Joanne noticed her thighs and buttocks starting to sag. By that stage, she looked older than her mere 40 years and felt it. She lacked confidence, was exhausted, and couldn’t be bothered to get dressed up.

One of Joanne’s friends had recently had liposuction from Liposuction Perth City and Joanne had admired the results. That was when she decided she could do with having fat taken out of her upper arms and stomach and transferred to her thighs and buttocks. The procedure was quick, safe, and in no time at all, Joanne had a firmer body, increased confidence, and the motivation to get back to the gym and pursue more business opportunities.

About the Fat Transfer Procedure

Liposuction procedureFat transfer is a safer, natural alternative to injectables which carry the risk of allergic reactions. The removal of the body fat is done using liposuction techniques that leave an area smoother and firmer. The fat is removed using a light suction with a small syringe which avoids damaging fat cells. Your fat cells are then re-injected with a smaller hypodermic needle which works to plump the treatment area. The procedure is non-invasive and patients only have to undergo a local anaesthesia. The recovery procedure is minimal and most patients get back to their usual routines the next day.

Enhanced Fat Transfer

Buttock_LiftThere are newer fat transfer procedures that many professionals are using – stem cell enhanced fat transfer is one of them. The stem cells are regenerative cells and they contain natural fat. Known as super fat, the cells increase the effectiveness of a fat transfer as they enhance the blood supply to the treatment area.

This is the procedure that Joanne opted for. The addition of the stem cells worked to increase the benefits of the fat transfer procedure as anti-inflammatory agents are released which aid in healing. Furthermore, this form of professional liposuction sees growth factors generated which tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

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